The Company’s executives personally verify the entire candidate with the help or their ID Proof Residence Proof, photographs Ration card their previous working records and some. After overall document supported verification the company makes three Bio-date files of the candidate. The First file remains in company, The Second one is given to client for keeping safe, while the third one is supposed to be deposited in the concerned police station directly thorough representative of client or the sectary of the client’s building society.

Mainly we bring candidates from villages and small towns all over India. For this we have more than 100 CO coordinators all over India.
In the candidate, we mainly take care of their credibility, cleanliness, security. elementum nulla vulputate magna. Morbi sed arcu proin quis tortor non risus.

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The company used to charge Rs.40000/- (Indian Family) for abroad and Rs.70,000/- for Arabic Family. At the time of registration, the company would charge Rs.10,000/-. Rest of amount would be paid to the company at the time of flight. For the foreign employment, the company would provide the candidate only. The Visa-Ticket Medical arrangement would be made by the client himself. Refund facility is not available in any circumstance.

The Company request to fill all the particulars regarding cast, religion, age group, job description, of the candidate very carefully. After matching all the requirement of client, the company sends the candidates for interview. It takes a minimum of 3 to 7 days for rest of India & 15 days for abroad.
The company gives a probation period of two days for the Local candidate, by the client for trial. The company does not offer replacement.

If the candidate leaves/leaves the job within 6 months of registration and/or without job satisfaction, the company will provide another set of employees for selection. The client will bear the visa ticket etc. 50% discount will be given to the client in the service charge. The client cannot compel the company for replacement. Service charges are not refundable under any circumstances.

client’s request, a full body checkup covid19 test of the candidate will be done by company on Rs.6000/- extra charges. If the client wishes, he can get a medical checkup of the candidate from his family doctor.

CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION If the party wants his registration cancelled, he must make a request by email: or by registered post or by written application submitted in the office within 30 days from the date of registration. A sum of Rs. 4000/- (Four Thousand Rupees only) will be deducted from the deposited amount (advance) for the maintenance and administrative charge and the rest amount (only by cheque) will be send to his address by registered post within 30 days from the date of application submitted. In any circumstances no full refund will be made at any cost. after the expiry of 30 days period the company will not make in any kind of refund of registration fee. Refund facility is not available for overseas employment.

After registration, if the client does not need the candidate at present or his old employee has returned, in this case the client can freeze the registration. From time to time, whenever the client needs the candidate again, he can unfridge the contract.
A request to freeze or unfreeze a contract has to be emailed on or
In such a situation, the money of the client remains safe and the company does not make any deduction. Unfridge the contract before 15 days to take back the service

Normally the salary range of the candidate is
For Gulf – First time candidates Indian Rupees 30000 – 40000, Except Gulf 35000-50000.

Overseas Experience candidates expecting – Indian Rupees 35000 – 40000, Except Gulf 40000-60000.
USA Visa Holder candidate – Indian Rupees 80000 -150000.


Bank Name: Yes Bank Account No 034685800000643 IFSC Code: YESB0000346 Branch: Kandivali West Mumbai 400067 Maharashtra

To avail the service anywhere in India, the client needs to login after visiting our website, after successful login, select his/her package which is valid for 10 Days, 30 days, 3 months, 1 year and lifetime respectively. Once the package is purchased, the client can directly select the candidate from our database. The client can select the candidate according to his requirement by location, requirement, Age group, job description and religion and can directly contact him on his mobile number.
The client should get his police verification done before joining any employee. (Police Verification Form can be downloaded from our portal)
The company will not be responsible for any dispute between the employer and the employer.
There will be no refund of money after purchasing the package under any circumstances.

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The company used to charge Rs 5,000 / – for one-time service to India. At the time of registration, the company will charge Rs.2000 / -The remaining amount of Rs.3000 / – will be paid to the company after successfully taking the candidate’s 2-day trail. The company does not provide any kind of replacement after 2 days of successful completion of the trail. If the replacement is needed in the future, the company will again have to pay Rs 4,000. The replacement depends on the availability of the candidate, the company is not obligated to do so. The Client himself fills the registration from on the web site and sends it by e-mail along with depositing the registration amount as mentioned bellow) In the A/c of the company,

The company used to charge One Month salary – (From Employer side, Free service For Employee) for 1-year service for India. At the time of registration, the company would charge Rs.5000/-. Rest of amount would be paid to the company at the time of getting employment. The Client himself fills the registration from on the web site click on Registration and submit or sends it by e-mail along with depositing the registration amount as me