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About Jobio

Initially a little manpower supplying company specially in the field of House Maid gradually grown to the height of supplying manpower in each and every field of employment was renamed as a maidcook.in (Sister concern of DSI Recruitment Private Limited.) for the exposition of its real character and nature. Widely well known for its fast and fair services in House maid supply in the beginning period as their base of business the company management preferred to name their website as www.maidcook.com to show its great fullness to its business building manpower section and with an object to achieve target in all field of employment similarly with its strong customer supporting background.
We help you to get connected with variety of quality service every walk of life whether skilled professional like Driver cook Nurse office staff Governess Marketing people computer operator Accountant Engineer Technicians etc or non-skilled on like maid servant peon security Guard etc on a very reasonable cost in India even Abroad.
Having its Head office in Mumbai The company is actively engaged in the work of manpower supply since 2001. With its strong base of thousand of satisfied customer including top Businessman Film & sports personalities Politicians and intellectuals only due to its form commitment and fair services.
The company is one of the best trusted service points in the Economical capital of India with a glorious growth of 25% per annual and mainly through the References of our fully satisfied chain of old customers.

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