The UAE expands its Golden Visa programme to accommodate more workers.

A long-term resident visa known as the “Golden visa” allows foreign nationals to live, work, or study in the UAE while also receiving special perks.

The United Arab Emirates is extending the its Golden visa programme to more workers, including scientists, researchers and skilled professionals. Also included are senior scholars and clerics, elite specialists in industry and fourth industrial revolution, specialists in health fields and specialists in education. The Golden visa is a long-term residence visa which enables foreign talents to live, work or study in the UAE while enjoying exclusive benefits, which include:

an entry visa good for repeated entries for six months in order to proceed with residence authorization a long-term, renewable residence permit good for five or ten yearsthe ability to sponsor their family members, including spouses and children regardless of their ages, and an unlimited number of people. the privilege of not needing a sponsor. the ability to stay outside the UAE for longer than the standard period of six months in order to keep their residence visa valid.

You meet the requirements if you can:
Having to work in the UAE
Hold a position listed as one of the following in the MOHRE’s occupational categorization system:
Management and Business Executives at Level 1
Professionals in the sciences, engineering, health, education, business and management, information technology, law, sociology, and culture are classified at level two.
minimum bachelor’s degree requirement.

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